There are 6 key pillars to BHB’s services to clients. Everything we do revolves around these.

1. Advisory

We provide our clients with creative problem-solving, using our understanding of their customers and their behaviour.

2. Access

We grant entry to places and events that are otherwise off-limits to our clients and their customers.

3. Content

We curate a wide range of editorial content to inspire and engage with our clients’ target audience.

4. Engagement

We use our access and content to strike up meaningful conversations for our clients and help them build richer relationships.

5. Fulfilment

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on requests, each and every time, no matter how extraordinary.

6. Data intelligence

We are experts in understanding the data our clients collect, providing a fresh perspective on it and using it in ways that have a profound, positive effect.



We have lots of experience working with world-renowned luxury brands, iconic developers, blue chip multinationals, disruptive start-ups and everything in between.

We are London and New York based but with a network of connectors giving us global coverage.

Our little black book of partners opens doors to opportunities and collaborations otherwise off-limits.

We work behind the scenes to grant access and deliver fulfilment even the most challenging and complex concierge requests.

We have an unrivalled understanding of our clients’ customers and act as their trusted advisors.